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90 Day Challenge

One of the most transformative practices in the Christian life is the regular reading of God’s Word. Most Christians want to read God’s Word regularly, but often find forming the habit difficult. Our church wants to help. We want to see every disciple of Jesus reading God’s Word regularly and discussing it in community. We invite you to participate in the 90 Day Challenge.

For 90 days, we hope you will join a Covenant Group. A Covenant Group is a group of 2-4 men or women who commit to reading the scriptures together and discussing how it applies to their lives. (The 90 Day Challenge is from February 17-May 28. However, you may join in at any time!)

Covenant Groups have two tasks:

  1. Daily read our church’s Bible reading plan (two chapters) and text a scripture verse that spoke to you.
  2. Weekly connect as a group, in-person, zoom, or through a phone call. Discuss the following two questions–What were your take-aways from your Bible reading? How does what you read impact your walk with Christ.

You may do the challenge with friends, or be assigned to a group and make new friends! Click HERE to register.