Compelling Community. Growing Disciples. Reaching Our Neighbors.

Our Mission & Values

Faith Covenant Church exists to connect diverse people in compelling Christian community and to grow them into disciples of Jesus who reach our neighbors for Christ.

Faith Covenant is a diverse community with people from many different walks of life. We come from different church backgrounds, generations, white-collar and blue-collar work, and lovingly hold different opinions on an array of topics. We think this makes us stronger and we welcome continued growth in diversity.

To accomplish our mission, we focus on four key elements.

Worship– Corporate worship is the foundation for the rest of our week and life together.

Connect– We seek to live as a church family. We eat together both in our building and at homes throughout the week. We participate in small group life, social gatherings, and more.

Grow– We believe we grow as we focus on the Word, close relationships, and continual learning.

Reach– We know we are growing in our walk with Jesus when we reach out to our neighbors with the love and good news of Jesus.


Values are the shared convictions that guide the actions and reveal the strengths of our church. It answers, “How do we behave?”

  1. Holy Spirit led– We seek to cultivate a dependence upon the Holy Spirit in all we do. We seek God’s direction for our church on a regular basis. We consistently ask where God is working and seek to join Him where He is already at work.
  2. Scripture is central- We learn and grow through what God has revealed in the Bible and it is the final authority for our faith and practice. Conversations about issues often begin by asking “Where is it written? What does the Bible say?” We teach, learn, read, and meditate on Scripture to become more like Jesus.
  3. Every person engaged– Every Christian is empowered by the Holy Spirit to serve the body of Christ and uniquely created with various gifts and skills. Everyone in our church has the privilege and responsibility to use these gifts to build up the body of Christ. Everyone gets to play because everyone is a minister.
  4. Every person a missionary– We are all called to live on mission and to think like missionaries in our neighborhoods and spheres of influence. We do not expect people to come to us, but rather we will go to them. We expect to reach people through our personal witness and loving service. Like missionaries, we care more about reaching people than our own preferences.
  5. Intergenerational community– We believe in the power of people of all ages growing in Christ together. Adults pass on their faith to the young and the young enhance the faith of the adults. We believe in both age-appropriate discipleship and intergenerational connection. We have the responsibility to incorporate children and students wherever we can and empower them to become thriving disciples well before they graduate high school.