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Global Missions

We not only strive to be a light in our community, but also to share God’s love around the world.

The following three families are supported through our contributions to the Evangelical Covenant Church.

Jared and Hannah Baker serve with the Covenant as missionaries in France. Their ministry involves working with refugees and partnering with a local congregation to address human trafficking. They minister to families and youth through Christian education and programming. Jared handles some administrative duties for Covenant World Mission in Europe and Africa.

Nils and Erika Clauson serve the Covenant as missionaries in Oaxaca, Mexico. Their ministry through the Mexican Covenant Church involves community development, leadership training, and discipleship with a special focus on domestic violence prevention and ministering to survivors of abuse. Follow the Clausons on their Facebook page:

Dale and Sara Lusk serve the Covenant through Merge Ministries as administrators and coordinators for short term teams to minister around the world, as well as to develop healthy relationships with Covenant Churches and international ministry sites. Visit for more information.

The following three families are supported through our contributions to various missions outside the Covenant denomination.

Jake and Christina Evans serve with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at the University of Kansas. They minister to faculty and graduate students. They are involved in evangelistic efforts as well as in helping college students to maintain their faith. Examples of activities are weekly Bible studies and roundtable discussions of Christianity and contemporary issues.

Kevin and Sarah Johnson are serving under United World Mission in Sololá, Guatemala, where Sarah works with the Deditos project, a series of Old Testament Bible story videos for children. Kevin teaches part-time with the Biblical Seminary of Colombia’s online program. He will also teach part-time with Centro Esdras, a ministry that focuses on practical theological training with a special emphasis on holistic mission.

Brad & Lucie Kaspar serve with Josiah Venture in the Czech Republic. Their ministry involves working with youth through churches and English camps, “ to equip young leaders throughout Eastern Europe to fulfill Christ’s commission through the local church.” Check out their blog at