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Sermon Series

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From Ruins to Restoration—A sermon series on Ezra-Nehemiah

When God’s people returned from exile, the community and life they once knew, was in ruins. How were they going to rebuild from the ground up? How were they going to restore life as the people of God? In many ways, we face the same questions today. How will we rebuild when life as we once knew it is in ruins? How will God restore our life together as His people in a new time and in a new way? Join us for our series on Ezra-Nehemiah as we learn how God can restore us in this season.

July 19–From Ruins to Restoration: An Overview of Ezra/Nehemiah
God will restore the people through worship (Zerubbabel, 538 BC), the Word (Ezra, 458 BC), and a wall/protection (Nehemiah 445 BC).

July 26–The Beginning of the Restoration (Ezra 1-2)
God fulfills his promises, God inspires generosity to do the work, and everyone has a role to play in the restoration.

August 2–Worship Restored (Ezra 3-4)
In restoration, worship is our first priority. Restoration can lead to mixed reactions.

Aug 9–All-Church Retreat. Join us for Worship at Covenant Harbor in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Bring a picnic or order a box lunch.

August 16–How God Encourages Us To Rebuild (Ezra 5-6)
God’s encouragement to keep rebuilding: Prioritize my kingdom first, I will provide all that is needed, I am with you, Don’t be discouraged, I will see it finished.

August 23–Principles of Restoration (Ezra 7-8)
We rebuild around the core principles of the Word, Obedience, Fasting, and Prayer.

August 30–Repentance from Worldliness (Ezra 9-10)
God’s people failed to separate themselves from the practices of the world around them. Our response should be lament and repentance.

Sept 6–Beginning a Restoration Project (Nehemiah 1-2)
In order to move from ruin to restoration, we need to lament, seek the Lord’s favor, and name the current reality in community.

Sept 13–Overcoming Opposition to Restoration (Nehemiah 3-6)
Restoration begins with a community united around a common vision (Neh 3). We must work to maintain that unity in spite of opposition from without (Nh 4,6) and in spite of troubles from within (Nh 5). With God’s help, the restoration will be complete.

Sept 20–God’s Word is Restored (Nehemiah 7-8)
God’s Word brings joy into our lives. We need the reading of God’s Word and the preaching of God’s Word. God’s Word brings restoration.

Sept 27–Covenant Renewal (Nehemiah 9-10)
The Word brings us conviction which lead us to confession, which leads us to repentance and renewal. We are now under the New Covenant where Jesus’ blood is shed for the forgiveness of sins.

Oct 4–Celebrating What God Has Done (Nehemiah 11-12)
We celebrate the restoration God accomplishes through worship, festive celebration, thanksgiving, rejoicing, and dedication to God.

Oct 11–Waiting for Full Restoration (Nehemiah 13)
Our work of restoration will not be complete until Jesus returns. Even though it’s not complete, our labor for the Lord is never in vain.