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Sermon Series

New Sermon Series, From Darkness to Light: The word sin is a powerful word that to be honest, most of us don’t like. With that said, it is an important word. The word sin helps us identify bad behavior from good behavior, behavior that tears down from behavior that builds up. So what is sin? Sin is any wrong thought, word, or deed, that displeases God.  Sin is also, any right thought, word, or deed, that in its absence, displeases God. Sin is the most destructive force in our lives. It thrives in the dark. The way out of our brokenness is to bring our sin out of the darkness and into the light.

Due to COVID-19, Sunday morning Worship Services have been suspended. However, you may watch the sermons on video. They are easy to access by going to or subscribing to our channel on YouTube by clicking here.

March 8-  Confession                                                                      Pastor Nate Hickox

March 15- The Community that Sharpens                                  Pastor Nate Hickox

March 22- Consecration-Dedicating Yourself to God               Pastor Nate Hickox

March 29- Baptism-Belong to God and Others                         Marie Allison, Director of Outreach and Connection

April 5-Palm Sunday                                                                       Pastor Nate Hickox

April 12- Easter                                                                               Pastor Nate Hickox