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Summer Discover Camp 2018

Join us for our first ever Summer Discovery Camp, where kids will have fun as they learn special skills and try new things! At Faith Covenant Church, it is our desire to engage kids, share our experiences, and build meaningful relationships.


June 18-22, 2018. 6pm-8pm
$25/student, max $50/family

Faith Covenant Church, 2001 Lakeview Drive, Wheaton IL 60189

Classes will be held Monday through Thursday from 6-8pm. On Friday, students should bring their parent(s) or guardians for a light reception and showcase to show off our new skills and creations! 

Kids entering Kindergarten – Grade 1 will be in a structured rotation through games, crafts, music and new skills. Activities will follow a common theme and will reflect the content of the classes that are being offered to older students.

Kids entering Grade 2 – Grade 5 will have a schedule made just for them based on the personal preferences indicated at registration. They will participate in 2 “classes” each day. Upon arrival, they will proceed directly to their classes where they’ll dive in to an experience that is meaningful to them.

Classes Offered Include but are not limited to:

Step-by-Step Painting*

An artist will lead you step-by-step through how to paint a beautiful piece of artwork on canvas. 

*This is a 2-hour course offered on Monday ONLY


 Practice your skills and develop new ones to up your game! Enjoy shooting hoops in a friendly, encouraging atmosphere. 


This course will help you learn more about the rules of the game and how to improve your driving, putting and chipping. 

Woodworking (Beginners/Advanced)

Build a box or a birdhouse to enjoy for years to come. 

Cake Decorating

Learn the skills needed to decorate a beautiful “beach” cake! Students will be guided step by step and take home a delicious creation

Jewelry Making

Make beautiful, beaded necklaces to wear or give as gifts!

Ultimate Frisbee

Learn the rules and skills of this fun, non-contact sport! You’re sure to improve your game and make new friends, too. 

Quilling (Paper)

An introduction to the art of quilling. Using strips of paper, you’ll roll, shape and glue together beautiful embellishments and designs (Grades 3-5 only) 

Growing Green
Learn how to propagate and care for household plants from a skilled gardener! 
Card Making

Students will stamp and make their own cards to send to their family and friends. 

Xylophone Ensemble*

Make Music with Mallets! Learn how to play the xylophone. We’ll work on a special song to show our families at the end of the week.

*This is a 4-day course


Explore light as it travels through jello! You won’t want to miss this exciting course taught by an optical engineer!

Can you take the Pressure?

How high can you suck water through a straw? You’ll find out in this class as we play with air and pressure! 

Physics and Eggs

Explore and experiment with egg drops and egg tosses! This class promises to be an egg-citing scientific adventure! 

Actor’s Workshop

Work on a skit to perform at Friday’s showcase. Acting warm ups and fun exercises will help bring out your theatrical side! 


Participate in drills, games, and make new friends as you improve your soccer skills!

First Aid and Knots

This class is KNOT to be missed! Learn first aid techniques, helpful knots, and make a survival bracelet for all your outdoor adventures!