Compelling Community. Growing Disciples. Reaching Our Neighbors. Located in Wheaton, IL.


We invite you to join us in renewing our building so that it reflects the welcoming heart of our congregation and better aligns with our mission statement.

Faith Covenant Church exist to connect diverse people into a compelling Christian community and to grow them into disciples of Jesus who reach our neighbors for Christ.

In order to fulfill our mission, we need a facility that displays our enthusiasm for God’s transforming work in our lives and His ability to give hope to others. We estimate the total cost for the entire makeover process on our 50 year old building to be approximately $750,000. No phase will be launched until funds and pledges to cover it are in place.

The church building alone will not produce growth. The Kingdom and God’s church can only grow as we share the good news of Christ. An updated building, that functions well, will be a wonderful support to this God-given purpose.

People have given generously. Pledges for phases 1 and 2 have been covered, totaling $488,500. Please consider giving to help us reach the goal of $750,000.

Click HERE to donate or make a pledge.