Nursery & Toddler Care

There is complete care for infants and children under three years of age for the entire morning beginning at 9:10 am (10:15 am during the summer).

Even small babies begin to learn about God’s love as they are cared for in the nursery. They begin to feel comfortable at church as people, other than their parents, play with them and meet their needs. Likewise, the screened and trained volunteers become attached to the children creating the feel of an extended family. This is the child’s first introduction into Christian community.

As the infant grows into a toddler teachers introduce major bible stories and engage young children in related crafts, songs, and activities. Kids get lots of hugs and love!

Ministry to Children

Children are an important part of the congregation. We intentionally include them in the worship service during the singing. This is a special time for families to worship the Lord together and for the church to worship across the generations. After the singing, the children are welcomed forward for a children’s message designed just for them. This time is called Ministry to Children. Everyone enjoys the children’s story. It has been shown that children who have been included in the worship service easily transition to attending church as adults.

Young Children & Worship
4 Years Old- 1st Grade

Following the Ministry to Children ages 4 years-1st grade are escorted downstairs to our Young Children And Worship program. Young Children And Worship is a worship service designed for children. They recite the Lord’s Prayer and learn the Apostle’s Creed. They utilize sign language and sing praise to God. They enter into a Bible story as it is told with simple wood figures, then think about it together and respond in creative ways. They experience the mystery of prayer and the reading of God’s Word.