We are all missionaries, carrying the light of Jesus wherever he calls us. Our community seeks to be a light where God has placed us and to use our unique gifts, skills, and resources for the good of our greater community. Faith’s Missions Budget (local and global) is 15% of all contributions received during the current fiscal year. 

Local Missions
  • Outreach offers case management, mentoring for youth, counseling, and volunteer opportunities, with the goal of providing residents the opportunity to become all that God intends them to be. Check out their work.
  • World Relief DuPage– Their goal is “to empower the local Church to serve the most vulnerable, and to see refugees, immigrants and members of their communities become fully-functioning, integrated participants in society. Each year in partnership with the Church, World Relief DuPage/Aurora helps more than 5,000 clients, 90% of who are low income.” Check out their work.
  • Central Conference Camping includes Covenant Point in Iron River, MI and Covenant Harbor in Lake Geneva, WI. These camps provide opportunities for adventure and fun as well as spiritual growth, relationship building, and mentoring. Find out more about Covenant Point and Covenant Harbor.
Global Missions

The following three families are supported through our contributions to the Evangelical Covenant Church.

“J&H B” – Middle East (Names and info not given for security reasons)

Nils and Erika Clauson serve the Covenant as missionaries in Oaxaca, Mexico. Their ministry through the Mexican Covenant Church involves community development, leadership training, and discipleship with a special focus on domestic violence prevention and ministering to survivors of abuse. Follow the Clausons on their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/groups/clausonsinmexico/

Dale and Sara Lusk serve the Covenant through Merge Ministries as administrators and coordinators for short term teams to minister around the world, as well as to develop healthy relationships with Covenant Churches and international ministry sites. Visit www.covmerge.org for more information.

The following five families are supported through our contributions to various missions outside the Covenant denomination.

Jake and Christina Evans serve with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at the University of Kansas. They minister to faculty and graduate students. They are involved in evangelistic efforts as well as in helping college students to maintain their faith. Examples of activities are weekly Bible studies and roundtable discussions of Christianity and contemporary issues.

Kevin and Sarah Johnson serve with United World Mission, equipping Latin American leaders through theological training and curriculum development. Kevin is a professor at the Biblical Seminary of Colombia and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in New Testament at Wheaton College. These studies will position him to make a greater impact through teaching and publishing in Spanish. Sarah is currently a full-time mom, but for fourteen years she worked in Guatemala with the Deditos project (www.deditos.org), helping produce a series of Old Testament Bible story videos and Sunday School lessons for kids. She continues contributing to Deditos through writing lessons as new videos are released. After this season of studies, Kevin and Sarah plan to live in Medellín, Colombia long term. Sign up to receive their newsletters.

Brad and Lucie Kaspar serve with Josiah Venture in the Czech Republic. Their ministry involves working with youth through churches and English camps, “ to equip young leaders throughout Eastern Europe to fulfill Christ’s commission through the local church.”

Robert Reed and Nancy Maldonado serve in Barcelona, Spain with Freedom in Christ International (FICMI). They are thrilled to extend the freedom message in 5 continents- Rob as Publication Coordinator and Nancy in Spanish translation. Along with the FICMI team they train church leaders and provide resources for identity-based discipleship; to help people break free from obstacles toward intimacy with Jesus and become fruitful disciples. Keep up to date on their work.

Manuel and Loida Ramos-Barbosa were born and raised in Colombia, South America, where they served high-risk children for 7 years, especially children of prisoners. Currently, Manuel is pursuing a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, KY. This degree will better equip Manuel to train pastors and leaders in the study of Scriptures through UWM’s Theological Education Initiative in Latin America. Sign up for their newsletter.

Pray daily for our Covenant missionaries. Sign up for daily prayer requests. Thank you for praying.

Daily Missionary Prayer